Thanks to our warm, dry summer, the grapes are ripening faster than normal. They are about a week early, and almost all varieties are ready now, including La Commandant. I have a GREAT crop of La Commandant. To place an order, you can call or text: (905) 380-3803. Prices are below - and they're the same as last year. Thank you!

Sovereign Coronation - our most popular variety of table grape. Sovereigns are seedless, excellent for table grapes and desserts. Also very popular when eaten frozen

Concord - makes an excellent blue juice, delicious as table grapes and also makes a wonderful wine at varying sweetnesses. Commonly used in communion wines.
Niagara - the white partner to the concord, Niagara has a delicious, easily recognizable flavour, excellent for white grape juice and wine and makes a delicious table grape.

Fredonia - a wonderful red table grape, very large in size. Also makes an appealing wine and excellent jams and jellies.

Vidal - a white hybrid grape that produces a varietal wine (both late-harvest and ice wines).
Baco Noir - a blue (almost black) juice that produces a fantastic varietal red wine.

La Commandant - a blue juice that produces a nice lighter-colored crimson red wine with a flavour all its own. Honey Valley Farms is the only farm in North America still producing this variety of grape.

We also offer a high-end vinifera variety called Reisling. Contact me for more information.

Table grapes: $6 for a heaping (heaping!) 1.5 litre basket

Per bushel:
    $25 Concords, Niagaras & Fredonias
    $30 French hybrids (Baco Noir & La Commandant)
    $45 Reisling

By the 20 litre pail:
    $50 All varieties except Reisling
    $60 Reisling

    $30 All varieties except Reisling
    $40 Reisling
     Beef tenderloin (filet mignon)                                         20.00
     T-bone steak                                                                  12.00
     Prime rib steak                                                               11.50
     Sirloin steak                                                                     9.00
     Round steak                                                                    7.50
     Stewing beef                                                                   9.00
     Lean ground beef                                                            7.00
     Beef patties                                                                     7.50
     Braising ribs                                                                    7.00
     Beef roasts                                                                     7.00
     Sausage                                                                         7.50
     Liver                                                                               7.00
     Bones                                                                            4.00

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