Honey Valley Farms

Farm History

My great grandparents, William and Martha Robbins, purchased Honey Valley Farms in December of 1908. They grew  the old, original labrusca grape varieties--like concord and niagara--for juice, wine, jams and jellies. They had their flock of chickens and ducks, a herd of pigs, as well as a herd of beef cattle and a few dairy cattle. One of the major changes in our farming practices is that we no longer farm with draft horses, but with tractors. Today, we are one of the only original farms left still into mixed farming, with our original organically-raised cow calf herd feeding on pasture grasses and hay. Juice grapes, wine grapes and fresh market seedless grapes are also grown on my farm. Honey Valley Farms officially became a century farm in 2008.


Our free-range natural beef is available at the farm, and arrangements can also be made for drop-offs at a convenient location. Beef is sold by the pound, cut, wrapped and frozen. Please see "current prices and availability" for more information.


Table grapes are sold in heaping 1.5 litre baskets at our roadside stand and also at the Ridgeway and Port Colborne markets (Friday mornings  and Saturday mornings). We also sell five different varieties of pasteurized grape juice in 1 litre and 16 ounce containers, and frozen unpasteurized grape juice is available in 1 gallon containers (all are preservative-free). Juice and wine grapes are available either by the bushel or pressed (in 20 litre pails). Please see "current prices and availability" for more information.

For more information please e-mail me at honeyvalleyfarmltd@gmail.com, or call (905) 562-3659.

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